Welbeck Tiles

Patchwork Tiles Packs


Sets of pre mixed Patchwork Tiles. Lovely unique tiles inspired by childhood memories of sewing patchwork squares.

The tiles come as separate tiles for you to tile behind a basin or use as decorative tiles. They can be arranged in many different ways - have fun arranging your own pattern! They're also great used as coasters and home decorations, adding a bright touch to any room.

Size of each tile: 6.75 x 6.75cm

Set of 16 tiles comprises of 1 gold/silver heart, 1 patchwork heart,9 patchwork squares,5 plain cream squares.

Set of 32 tiles comprises of 2 gold/silver  hearts, 2 patchwork hearts,19 patchwork squares,9 plain cream squares.

Set of 49 (1/4 sq meter)  tiles comprises of 3/silver gold hearts, 5 patchwork hearts,27 patchwork squares,  14 cream squares.

Set of 98 (1/2 sq meter) tiles comprises of 5 gold/silver hearts,11 patchwork hearts, 55 patchwork squares, 27 plain cream squares.

Set of 196 (1 sq meter) tiles comprises of 11 gold/silver hearts, 22 patchwork hearts,108 patchwork squares, 55 plain cream squares.

Use standard tile and grout to fix them and a sealant suitable for crackle tiles.

Note: You can choose your own patterned tiles,at the checkout you can put a note on the order with the codes of the tiles you would like.Other wise we will select a lovely mix for you.


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